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We safeguard

your volume growth

Experts in Retail Rotation 

Trade Guard is the specialist in the field of retail rotation. Our experts work on increasing turnover volumes every day. We deploy our creativity and expertise to engage non-food retail channels. In short, we work with new and existing channels to expand the market for our clients.

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Our speciality:

new sales channels


“Knowledge through experience” 

At Trade Guard, we focus on increasing the volume and target market for our clients. We also offer our clients transparent information on their shipment, by adding a Track & Trace system label to every delivery. These data form the basis for reliable planning and control.

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Experienced team


“One team, one vision”

Our team consist of motivated entrepreneurs who enthusiastically transform their creative ideas and market knowledge into innovative concepts. We aim to demonstrate that the opportunities are endless. For further information, reach out to us by phone or email.

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Non Food Retail market

in our sights


“Constantly moving forward”

We focus on the non-food retail market. Our experience indicates that the stakeholders in this market are constantly adapting and developing. By capitalising on this expertise, Trade Guard adds value and supports our clients in increasing their professionalism. We seek out new retailers and their potential in close collaboration with our clients. To do so, we investigate opportunities in current channels and whether these have been fully utilised.

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Crystal-clear goal:

increased volume


“From action to reaction”

In our opinion, two factors are important to generate an increase in volumes. First, we aim to ensure that confectionery multinationals use the full potential of their regular sales channels while we look into the options for less common retail channels. Our goal is to set up new retail channels without disrupting the existing ones. Trade Guard responds to the human tendency of impulse buying.

As a retail company, we need to be fully aware of market trends and developments. Knowledge of the volumes and margins concerned is vital, as well as of developments in turnaround time. At Trade Guard, we work with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which can report all the relevant data in real time. Our ERP system also includes a personalised module where all data relating to purchases and sales of standard and discount product batches can be registered.

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Trade Guard BV

De Ruif 1  |  4751 XH Oud Gastel  |  The Netherlands

T  +31 165 315 555 |  F +31 165 315 155


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